by Tom Semioli

It’s not a chord until we play a note!

It all started one day in 2014 when a media colleague turned to me and inquired “…was Paul McCartney the bass player in The Beatles?”

Welcome to KNOW YOUR BASS PLAYER© which is a series of essays and select video interviews which are aimed to inform, entertain, and perhaps enlighten the masses. My producer Mark Preston and I created this bass player video series which we film in New York City and London with cinematographers Derek Hanlon and Jacques Hanlon, and editor Mark Polott.

So far, we’ve filmed an array of amazing bassists who went before our camera to reveal remarkable, insightful, and oft hysterical stories about their lives, careers, and the artists they worked with. Check out the video clips of  Mo Foster, Graham Maby, Jim Rodford, Cait O'Riordan, Paul Nowinski, Ron McClure, John Ford, John Cardone, Theo Regan, Hannah Moorhead, Ian Lloyd, Tony Senatore, Steve Bingham, Sal Maida, Paul Page, Brian Stanley, Joe Vasta, Michael Visceglia, Gary Van Scyoc, Ernie Brooks, Charles DeChants, Rob Stoner, Jeff Ganz, John Montagna, Alan Lefton, Mark Polott, Chris Semal, Amy Madden, and Glenn McCready on their respective pages below, and on the archived episodes. They're just a few of the bass players you’ll get to know. Trust me, you’ve already heard them on your radio, streaming service, record collection, local pub... 

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KNOW YOUR BASS PLAYER.COM is a self-published, non-commercial news commentary/criticism platform. All the photos used on this website are from press kits I have received which are specifically intended for publication or personal collections from the artists who have given me permission to use them for KNOW YOUR BASS PLAYER. COM. This material is used in an effort to explain, critique, and/or comment on works of significant impact. This constitutes a fair use of any copyrighted material.     


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About Know Your Bass Player©

Rock? Blues? Americana? Folk? Jazz? We are the ones who serve the singer, the song, and the soloist. Though we do not possess the harmonic nor sonic range of a guitar, keyboards, horns and other wind instruments, nor the dynamics of drums –it is us who determine how a chord actually sounds – which, in essence – often determines whether or not you’ll like the artist, or the track. We are the only individuals on the bandstand and in the recording studio with that critical responsibility.

Our function is to make everyone around us sound better than they are. We keep the singers in tune, the pickers on course, and the arrangers, producers, sound technicians, and engineers from jumping off the ledge! In return, we garner the least amount of attention and acknowledgment from the masses – and sometimes our band mates. We are expected to do our job perfectly – one mistake or miscue can be fatal. On stage, a diligent bass player can rescue a failing band member – yet a failing bass player can be saved by no one.

To be a bass player is to exude skill, confidence, humility, patience, tolerance, and knowledge: very few are chosen, and fewer still are called! So, who are these important players, and why should you know who they are?

Coda: And for those who confuse dexterity with virtuosity - read on! There is no hierarchy on Know Your Bass Player - which is a work in progress. If you have a suggestion for a player or a "seminal side" we have not included, please let us know, we welcome your feedback and input!

Know Your Bass Player© Archive

(Click on the name of a bass player to access a brief missive, photos, and video.) 

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A Tale of Two Basses by Joe Iaquinto

Rock and Roll's Great Basslines - Part One

A Bass Player's Appreciation of Sgt. Pepper

Paul McCartney - The 5 String Years

Professor And The Madman: On the Record With Bassist Paul Gray!

KYBP Remembers the SideWalk Cafe

Steve Bingham and Slim Chance: Life is Good On New Cross Road!

Glenn McCready / Under the Influence of Unknown Influences

From a Yardbird to a Mambo Son: Tom Guerra and Kenny Aaronson

The Lonely Streets’ Warren Renfrow: What Becomes a Legend Most?

A Mother’s Day Story - Tom Pendleton

Still Hollywood Stars After All These Years: Bassist Michael Rummans

Adam Ant

Adam Clayton 

Andrew Bodnar

Anne Husick

Berry Oakley

Bob Glaub

Bobby Lichtig

Chris Edwards

Bill MacCormick

Billy Peterson

Bruce Thomas


Cait O'Riordan

Charlie McCracken

Chuck Alder

Catherine Popper

Chris Cross

Chris Squire

Colin Moulding

Craig MacGregor

Dale Peters

Dick Diamonde

Dickie Peterson

David Pegg

Dennis Dunaway

Doug Stegmeyer

Duff McKagan

Dusty Hill

Electric Miles: Darryl Jones

Electric Miles: Marcus Miller

Electric Miles: Michael Henderson

Electric Miles: Dave Holland, Harvey Brooks

Eric Haydock

Eric Stacy

Emory Gordy

Felton Crews




Gail Ann Dorsey

Gary Van Scyoc

Gerald Johnson 

Greg Lake

Greg Norton

Harvey Brooks

Jared Followill

Jahn Xavier

Jamie Stewart

Jack Bruce

Jack Daley

Jack Hall

Jerry Jemmott

Jerry Duplessis

J.J. Burnel 

James Dewar

John Ciambotti

John Deacon

John Glascock

John London

John Montagna

Joe Bouchard

Joe Puerta

Jeff Ament

Johnette Napolitano

John B. Sparks 

Kasim Sulton 

Kenny Gradney

Kelly Nickels

Kirby Johnson

Kool Bell

Larry Graham Jr. 

Larry Sims 

Lonnie Marshal

Marcus Miller

Mars Cowling

Martin Briley

Mat Osman

Mel Schacher

Mike Mills

Mike Lutz

Muzz Skillings

Nathan East

Neil Jason

Neil Murray

Nick Seymour

Nikki Sixx

Nathan Watts

Oneida Jones

Overend Watts

Overend Watts / In Memory

Paul Ill

Paul Jackson

Paul Nowinski

Patrick Dahlheimer

Pat Badger

Peppy Castro

Phil Chen 

Phil "Fang" Volk

Prakash John

Ray Schulman

Reggie McBride

Rick Laird

Rockette Morton

Roger Glover

Ron Wood

Roscoe Beck

Samuel Kiszka

Stefan Lessard


Steve Severin 

Steve Fossen

Stephen Thompson

Steve Winwood

Suzi Quatro 

Tim Butler

Tim Drummond

Tom Evans

Tom Petersson

Tommy Cogbill

Tommy Stinson

Tony Visconti 

Tony Wilson

Will Lee


David Sanborn / Voyer

Ian Dury / Best Of

Ian Dury / Mr. Love Pants

Ian Dury / Rhythm Stick

Norman Watt-Roy / Faith & Grace

Wilko Johnson / Blow Your Mind

John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band

John Lennon / Mind Games

John Lennon & Yoko Ono / Stripped Down

John Lennon / Imagine Ultimate

Jefferson Airplane / Takes Off

Led Zeppelin / II

Joni Mitchell / Mingus

Joni Mitchell / Hissing of Summer Lawns

The Firm

Deep Purple / Made In Europe

Deep Purple / Burn

Free / Heartbreaker

Rolling Stones / Some Girls

Rolling Stones / Aftermath

Brian Setzer / The Knife Feels Like Justice

Joss Stone / The Soul Sessions

D'Angelo / Voodoo

J. Geils Band / Monkey Island

Rod Stewart / Footloose ... Blondes...

Rod Stewart / Atlantic Crossing

The Rod Stewart Album

Whitesnake / Ready an' Willing

Maggie Bell / Live at the Rainbow

George Harrison / Living in the Material World

George Harrison / Give Me Love

George Harrison / 33 1/3

Jimi Hendrix / Band of Gypsys

Jimi Hendrix / Machine Gun

Julia Brown / Jubilant Newborn Alien Haze

Boz Scaggs / Silk Degrees

John Trudell / AKA Grafitti Man

L.A. Guns / Vicious Circle

Mott / Drive On

Mott the Hoople / Live 1974

Mott the Hoople / Live 2013

Mott the Hoople / Wildlife

British Lions

Power Station 

Duran Duran / Rio

Three Dog Night / Suitable for Framing

Mark Colby / One Good Turn

Jeff Beck Group / Rough and Ready

Jeff Beck / Hollywood Bowl

Leon Russell 

Phoebe Snow / It Looks Like Snow

Yes / Going For the One

U2 / Unforgettable Fire

U2 / You're the Best Thing...

U2 / New Year's Day

Weather Report / Mysterious Traveller

Weather Report / Mr. Gone

Doors / LA Woman

Electric Flag / A Long Time Comin'

Dexys Midnight Runners / Soul Searchers

The Beach Boys In Concert



Daryl Hall / Sacred Songs

Love / Black Beauty, Reel to Real

Love /Coming Through to You

Dave Gahan / Paper Monsters

Joe Farrell Quartet

Eurythmics / Would I Lie To You?

Bad Company

The The / Mind Bomb

Santana - Isley Brothers / Power of Peace

John Prine / Lost Dogs

Maria Muldaur / Southern Winds

Jahn Xavier / Yes You

Wings / Red Rose Speedway

Wings / Back to the Egg

Bill Wyman / Monkey Grip and Stone Alone

Richard Betts / Highway Call

Bryan Ferry / In Your Mind

Joe Cocker!

Frampton's Camel


Urban Blue

Tom Petty / Hard Promises

T.Rex / Dandy in the Underworld





Alan Berger 

Aimee Mann

Alonza Bevan

Alan Henderson

Andy Fraser

Andy Hummel

Allen Woody

Andy Rourke

Aston Barrett

Ben Orr

Barry Adamson

Bill Church

Bill Flores

Bill Wyman

Billy Rich

Bill Laswell

Bootsy Collins

Bob Babbitt

Bob Cranshaw

Bob Daisley

Bob Mosley

Bobby Pickett

Brad Campbell

Charlie Daniels

Carl Radle

Chas Chandler

Charles Calmese

Charles DeChants

Charlie Sinclair

Charles Roth

Charles Tumahai

Christian McBride

Christian Cassan

Chris White

Chuck Rainey

Conrad Lozano 

Danny Bowens

Danny Thompson

Danny Trifan

Dougie Thomson 

Damon Minchella

Dave Margen

Debra Killings

Deon Estus

Derek Forbes

Daryl Johnson

Darryl Jones

Donnie Nossov 

Donnie Nossov / The End

Doug Yule

Earl E. Elliott

Ernie Brooks

Francis Rocco Prestia

Gail Greenwood

Gary Ryan

Garry Gary Beers

Gary Gilmore

Gary Tibbs

George Alexander

George Hawkins Jr.

George Murray

George "Chocolate" Perry

George Ford

George Harrison

George Porter Jr.

Gerry McAvoy

Glen Matlock

Glenn Cornick 

Graham Gouldman

Ian Hill

Ida Kristine Nielsen

Ivan Kral

Iwan Gronow

Jonas Hellborg

Jah Wobble

Jet Harris

Jean Beauvoir

Jason Newsted

John Cardone

John DeSalvo

John Illsley

John McCoy

John Miller

John Myung

John Stax

Greg Ridley

Herb Bushler

Herbie Flowers 

Jack Casady 

Jeff Berlin

Jerry Scheff

Joe B. Mauldin 

John Doe

John Ford

John Entwistle

Johnny Cement

Johnny Ridgwood

John Taylor

Les Claypool

Ken Forssi

Kent Waldman

Kevin McCormick 

Kevin Wyatt


Lonnie Turner

Lonnie Mack

Leslie Langston


Mario Cipollina

Mark Andes

Mark Egan

Mark Polott

Mark Tulin

Martyn LeNoble

Martin Turner

Martin Kemp

Martin Blunt

Melissa Auf Der Maur

Mike Dirnt

Mike McDaid

Mike Porcaro

Mike Rutherford

Mike Watt

Maurice Gibb

Nathaniel Phillips

Nick Lowe

Nik West

Nicky Wire

Peter Cetera

Percy Jones


Paul Denman

Paul Gray

Paul Jones

Paul Webb

Pete Briquette

Paul McCartney

Paul Gardiner

Paul Martinez

Paul Ryder

Paul Simonon

Phil Lesh


Red Callender

Reinie Press

Rinus Gerritsen

Richard Hell

Rick Anderson

Rick Price

Rick Rosas

Rick Wills

Roger Waters

Ronnie Baker

Ron Johnson

Ronnie Lane

Ronnie Gilbert

Rob Wasserman

Rosko Gee

Rhonda Smith

Seth Glassman

Sean Yseult

Simon Jones

Scott LaFaro

Steve Bingham

Spike Heatley

Stanley Clarke

Steely Dan

T. Bone Wolk

Timothy B. Schmit

Tina Weymouth

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers

Tony Brown

Tony Butler

Tony Franklin

Tony Garnier

Trevor Bolder 

Tim Lefebvre

Victor Bailey

Victor Wooten

Yolanda Charles


Bob Dylan / Hard Rain

Bob Dylan / Self Portrait

Bob Dylan / Hard to Handle

Bob Dylan / Slow Train Coming

Bob Dylan / Planet Waves

Bob Dylan / Blood On The Tracks

Bob Dylan / Budokan

Bob Dylan / Abandoned Desire

Bob Dylan / Desire

The Band / Last Waltz

Red Hot Chili Peppers / Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Elton John / 11.17.70

Elton John / Rock of the Westies

Elton John /Blue Moves

Elton John / Tumbleweed Connection

Elton John / Honky Chateau

Elton John / Lucy in the Sky...

Elton John / Friends

Elton John / Just Like Belgium

Elton John / Don't Shoot Me...

Grand Funk Railroad / Closer to Home

Grand Funk Railroad / E Pluribus Funk

Grand Funk

Elvis Costello / IbMePdErRoLoAmL

Elvis Costello / Blood and Chocolate

Elvis Costello / This Year's Model

Elvis Costello / Get Happy!!!

Elvis Costello / Punch the Clock

Elvis Costello / Look Now

Spencer Brown & Bruce Thomas / Back to the Start

Humble Pie / Rock On

Roberta Flack / First Take

Chris Squire / Fish Out of Water

Beck, Bogert & Appice

David Gilmour

Stevie Wonder / Hotter Than July

Beatles / Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Guns 'n' Roses / Use Your Illusion

Eric Clapton/ August

Eric Clapton / I Shot the Sheriff b/w Motherless Children

Eric Clapton / Live in San Diego

Eric Clapton / Money and Cigarettes

Allman Brothers / Melissa b/w Blue Sky

Allman Brothers / Win, Lose or Draw

Gregg Allman Tour

Gregg Allman / Southern Blood

Allman & Woman / Two The Hard Way

The Illusion / Together As a Way of Life

The Pretenders / Loose Screw

Ten Years After / Positive Vibrations

The Meters / Cissy Strut


The Mod Frames

Diamanda Galas & John Paul Jones / Sporting Life 

Ava & The Astronettes

Lorraine Leckie / Live at Mercury

Abbey Road’s “Other Bass Players”

The Brats / First Rock Star on the Moon




Allan Dias

Alan Spenner 

Alan Lancaster

Alex James

Andy Bell

Anthony Coleman

Anthony Jackson

Athol Guy

Bill Black

Bakithi Kumalo 

Billy Cox

Billy Talbot

Bobby Alessi

Boz Burrell

Brian Odgers

Brian Stanley

Brian Wilson

Bruce Gordon

Bruce Hall

Bunny Brunel

Bugsy Maugh

Busta Jones

Blondie Chaplin

Carmine Rojas

Carson Van Osten

Charlie Haden

Charlie Colin

Charlie Jones

Charles Larkey

Cliff Burton

Clint Conly

Chip Douglas

Dan Hartman

Danny Klein 

Danny McCulloch

David Freiberg

Dave Allen

Dave Bronze

Dave Holland

David Hayes

David Hungate

David Goldflies

David Martin

David Paton

Dee Murray

Doug Lubahn

Doug Wimbish

Duck Dunn

David Hood

Ed Carter

Ed Gagliardi

Ed Grundy

Esperanza Spalding

Eric Avery

Felix Pappalardi

Fred Smith

Freddie Washington

Frank Fayed

Fred Thomas

Fred Turner

Fudgie Kae

Gary Day

Garry Tallent

Gary Unwin

Geddy Lee

Glenn Hughes

Glenn Letsch

Glenn McCready

Geoff Appleby

Guided by Voices

Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention

Franco Aboddy

Hank Harvey

Harvey Sharpe

Holger Czukay

Hugh Hopper

Hugh McDonald

Hannah Moorhead

Janice Marie-Johnson

James Alexander 

Jaco Pastorius

Jack Blades

Jean Millington

Jeff Ganz

Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond

Jimmy Bain

Jim Kale

Jim Pons

Joe Vasta

Jim Fielder

Joe Schermie 

Johnny Colt

Johnny Sandlin

John Giblin

Jason Mercer

Kenny Aaronson

Kenny Edwards

Klassje van der Wal

Klaus Voorman

Larry Klein

Larry Kotke

Lee Dorman

Lee Jackson

Lee Sklar

Les Nemes

Leroy Hodges

Louis Johnson 

Mark Bedford

Mark Sandman

Matt Bissonette

Max Bennett

Michael Davis

Mikey Craig

Mike Inez

Mike Muller

Mike Vale

Milt Hinton

Malachi Favors

Miroslav Vitous

Nigel Harrison 

Nick St. Nicholas

Marshall Jones

Melvin Dunlap

Paul Chambers

Paul Goddard

Marvin Isley

Pete Williams

Pat Daugherty

Patrick O'Hearn

Pete Sears


Phil Lynott

Phil Spalding

Pierre Brock 

Pieter Swevel

Pete Agnew

Peter Hook

Pops Popwell

Randy Jo Hobbs

Randy Sterling

Ralphe Armstrong

Rick Danko

Richard Cousins

Richard Davis

Richard Jones

Richard Patterson

Richard Searle

Rob Rawlinson 

Robert DeLeo

Robert Rozelle

Robert Trujillo

Ross Valory

Ron Carter

Rustee Allen

Sal Maida

Sara Lee

Scott Edwards

Scott Firth

Scott Shields

Sherwood Akuna

Solomon Walker

Steve Garvey 

Stephen Street

Stuart Fletcher


Roy Vogt

Skip Ward

Stephen Amazing

Steve Currie

Steve Swallow

TM Stevens

Tal Winkenfeld

Tiran Porter

Tom Barney

Tom Harris

Rudy Sarzo

Tom Robinson 

Stanley Sheldon

Tim Bogert

Tony Levin

Tony Senatore

Verdine White 

Vern Miller

Willie Dixon

Willie Weeks

Wornell Jones

Wilton Felder


Donny Hathaway / Live

Herbie Hancock / Secrets

Herbie Hancock / Directstep

Pat Travers / Live! Go For What You Know

The Kinks / Low Budget

The Kinks / Father Christmas

The Kinks / UK Jive and Phobia


Argent / Encore

Joe Cocker / Stingray


Leonard Cohen / Tour 1979

David Essex / Rock On

The Clash / Sandinista

Joe Strummer / Earthquake Weather

John McLaughlin / Electric Guitarist

Garland Jeffreys / Ghost Writer

Garland Jeffreys / Rock & Roll Adult

Rick Laird / Soft Focus

Mahavishnu Orchestra / Trident Sessions

Tom Scott / Live at the Bottom Line

Queen / You're My Best Friend

Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead / Shakedown Street

David Liebman / Light N' Up Please

David Liebman / Doin' It Again

Deodato / Prelude

John Mayer Trio / Try!

Randall Bramblett / Devil Music

Jeff Beck / Blow by Blow

Lenny Kravitz / Strut

Ron Wood / I've Got My Own Album

Robert Fripp / Exposure

801 Live

Phil Manzanera / K Scope

Miles Davis / Jack Johnson

Miles Davis / Human Nature

Cher / If I Could Turn Back Time

DiVinyls / I Touch Myself

Johnny Winter / Saints & Sinners

Johnny Winter / Where’s Your Brother?

Sidney Green Street Band / Half Live

Skip Battin / Topanga Skyline


Tim Buckley / Blue Afternoon

George Benson / The Other Side of Abbey Road

Nick Lowe / Jesus of Cool

Rainbow / Down to Earth

Esperanza Spalding /Radio Music Society

Terence Trent D'Arby / Vibrator

Al Kooper / New York City....


Starship / We Built This City

Zombies / Still Got That Hunger

Super Session

Robert Palmer / Sneakin' Sally

Chepito / Chepito Areas

Roger Daltrey / As Long As I Have You

Stevie Wonder / Misstra Know It All

Emily Duff / Maybe in the Morning

Billy Panic / Ish

Jerry Cantrell / Degradation Trip

Jimmy Webb / Land’s End










Alphonso Johnson

Andy Pyle

Andy West

Art Nardini

Andy Kulberg

Andrew Levy

Ashley Dzerigian

Arthur Barrow

Benny Rietveld

Bettina Cataldi

Billy Gould

Bernard Edwards

Bernie Calvert

Billy Sheehan

Bruce Foxton

Bruce Palmer

Buzz Verno

Carol Kaye

Chris Campbell

Chris Chaney

Cecil McBee

Chris Brubeck

Chris Ethridge

Christopher Kuffner

Chris Semal / The Joy of Bass

Chucho Merchan

Clive Chaman

David Brown

David Brown (Boz Scaggs)

Davey Faragher

Dee Dee Ramone

Divinity Roxx

Doug Rauch

Doyle Holly by Graham Maby

Dug Pinnick

Ellard James Boles

Fernando Saunders

Fuzzy Samuels

Gary Thain

Gary King

Ged Grimes

Geezer Butler

Gene Cornish

Gene Holder

Glen Campbell

Gordon Edwards

Graham Maby

Greg Arama

Guy Pratt

Hutch Hutchinson 

James Jamerson

James Lea

Jeff Ganz by Tony Senatore

Joe Osborn

Joey Spampinato

Jim Rodford 

Jimmy Ashhurst

Jimmy Garrison

Joe Dart

Joseph Lucky Scott

John Dalton 

John Kahn

Jerome Arnold

John Gustafson

John McVie 

John Baker Saunders

John Siegler

John Paul Jones

Larry Taylor

Johann Sebastian Bach

John Wetton

Jorge Casas

Michael Visceglia

Matt Bissonette

Matt Malley

Kenny Passarelli 

Michael Rhodes

Lamar Williams

Leo Lyons

Mike Hogan

Monk Montgomery


Mickey Feat

Mark King 

Marshall Lytle

Oteil Burbridge

Pablo Tellez

Me’Shell Ndegeocello

Mike Mesaros 

Mo Foster

Norman Watt-Roy 

Paul Samwell-Smith

Peter Quaife

Pat Kilbride 

Pat Vegas

Paul Page

Pino Palladino


Randy Meisner 

Randy Jackson

Rick Grech

Rob Rawlinson

Rob Stoner 

Robbie Shakespeare

Roger Capps

Ron McClure

Ron Meagher

Royston Langdon

Sheryl Crow

Steve Harris


Stephen Stills

Stephen Dees

Theo Regan

Tetsu Yamauchi

Tom Hamilton 

Tim Commerford

Tommy Shannon 

Tony Bowers

Tony Sales

Tony Kanal

Tony Shanahan

Walter Becker

Wilbur Bascomb 


Bonnie Raitt / Home Plate

Bowie / Pin Ups

Bowie / Nassau Coliseum '76

Bowie / Young Americans

Bowie / Lady Grinning Soul

Bowie / David Live

Bowie / Cracked Actor Live Los Angeles '74

Bowie / Low

Bowie / Valentine's Day

Bowie / Loving The Alien

Bowie / Tin Machine

Lou Reed/ Rock and Roll Animal 

Lou Reed / Sally Can't Dance

Lou Reed / The Blue Mask

Grand Funk / All The Girls Beware

Bruce Springsteen / The Ties That Bind

Bruce Springsteen / Santa Claus...

Blood Sweat & Tears / New City

Aretha Franklin - King Curtis / Live

Alphonse Mouzon / Mind Transplant

Southside Johnny / Havin' A Party

Tommy Bolin / Teaser, Private Eyes

Elton John / Wonderful Crazy Night

Brecker Brothers / Heavy Metal Be-Bop

Iggy Pop / Lust for Life

Iggy Pop / Post Pop Depression

Frank Zappa / Hot Rats

Frank Zappa / Sheik Yerbouti

Ian Hunter / All American Alien Boy

Ian Hunter / Overnight Angels

Ian Hunter / We Gotta Get Out of Here

Ian Hunter / Y U I Orta

Ian Hunter / Stranded in Reality

G.E. Smith / In The World

Colin Blunstone / Ennismore

Suzanne Vega / Solitude Standing

Elton John / Hammersmith '73

Ron Wood / Slide On This

Ron Wood / Gimmie Some Neck

Uriah Heep / Sweet Freedom

Sparks / Big Beat

Graham Parker & The Rumour / Squeezing Out Sparks

Marianne Faithfull / A Child's Adventure

Alice Cooper / Elected

Kathi McDonald / Insane Asylum

Hall & Oates / X-Static

Hall & Oates / Along the Red Ledge

Buckingham Nicks

Janis Ian / Present Company

Ani DiFranco / To The Teeth

Donovan / Barabajagal

The Who / By Numbers

The Who / It's Hard

The Who / Quadrophenia

Gil Scott-Heron / Pieces of a Man

Jesse Ed Davis / Keep Me Comin'

Faces / Coast to Coast

Faces / Stay With Me b/w Debris

Al Jarreau / Breakin' Away

Public Image Ltd./ Album

Larry Coryell / Electric

Fleetwood Mac / Mystery to Me

Fleetwood Mac Live

Fleetwood Mac / Then Play On

Fleetwood Mac / Say You Will

Derek and the Dominos

Jethro Tull / Stand Up

Paul Shaffer & The World's Most Dangerous Band

Rickie Lee Jones

Leon Thomas / Spirits

The Smiths / Heaven Knows...

Ronnie Spector / Unfinished Business

The Monkees / Pisces, Aquarius...

Emmylou Harris / Spyboy

Tom Clark / Cross Eyed & Bow Legged

Crosby & Nash

Billy Cobham / Spectrum

Gene Clark / Full Circle

Roger McGuinn / Cardiff Rose

Alejandro Escovedo / Boxing Mirror

Steely Dan / Aja

Paolo Nutini / Caustic Soul

Pink Floyd / Obscured by Clouds

Alice Cooper / Muscle of Love

Keith Richards / X-Pensive Winos

Bruce Palmer / The Cycle is Complete

Tim Curry / Fearless

Pat DiNizio / Songs and Sounds

Paul Simon / One Trick Pony

Haystacks Balboa

Sting / Blue Turtles...Bring on the Night

Neil Diamond / Troubadour 1970

Jackson Browne / Saturate...

Squeeze / Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti

Mad Season / Above

Hot Tuna / Burgers

Traffic / On The Road