Danny Klein

Danny Klein 1_opt.jpg

“Because this is the Wooba Gooba sayin’ to ya love comes once and when it comes you better grab it fast ‘cuz sometimes the love you grab ain’t gonna last…” Revered as the “Ace of Bass” – Danny Klein’s deep passion for rhythm & blues, jazz, pop, soul, and British Invasion was/is the foundation for America’s greatest bar band – the J. Geils Band. Klein’s syncopated lines, coupled with his harmonic extensions, taught rock bass players that there’s more to life than cliche 1-3-5-b7 patterns. When Geils re-emerged as MTV darlings, Klein replaced his Fender Jazz with a Steinberger that sliced through Seth Justman’s trendy synthesizers.

In the 21st Century, Klein never misses a J.Geils Band reunion, and is still working the clubs.

Shame on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame for its snub of the mighty J. Geils Band – whom I witnessed blow away a few Hall of Fame legends in their time!