Duff McKagan

Duff McKagan 1.jpg

You either loved or despised Guns ‘n’ Roses – which is the ultimate gauge of a great rock ‘n’ roll band. Muti-instrumentalist, composer, author, financial expert, bassist Duff McKagan distinguished himself from the majority of his hard rock peers – most of whom played the instrument as a root-note-only buttress – with fluid counter-melodies which weaved their wicked way through Rose’s banshee wails and Slash’s raucous riffage with deft clarity and expertise.

Duff’s most exceptional aural application for destruction was a sharp, biting chorus effect coupled with his treble heavy Fender Jazz Bass Special for the classic Use Your Illusion albums – it still sounds beautifully brutal a quarter century later. Duff’s fierce bass work on the two Velvet Revolver albums is not to be missed either.

Duff’s first and finest solo album Believe In Me showed him to be well versed in a variety of musical styles. Fender feted the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame bassist with a signature model, bandana not included.