Alan Spenner

“What’s the buzz? Tell me what’s a-happening, what’s the buzz? tell me what’s a-happening…”

If it were only for his incomparable bass passages on Jesus Christ Superstar (1970), Alan Spenner would be legend.

An outstanding first call UK session ace and sideman – Spenner spun lines that exuded a soulful, rhythm & blues disposition akin to James Jamerson and Jerry Jemmott.  

spenner kokomo_opt.jpg

Spenner anchored scores of artists on their seminal works, spanning Joe Cocker – including the singer’s Grease band’s Woodstock performance, Jim Capaldi, Paul Kossoff, Spooky Tooth, Alvin Lee, Kokomo David Coverdale, Bryan Ferry, Donovan, Steve Winwood, and Leon Russell, among many, many others.    

alan 4_opt.jpg

Among Alan’s signature works is Roxy Music’s fitting finale Avalon (1982) wherein Spenner trades in his Fender Precision for a Wal which resonates magnificently among Bryan Ferry, Andy MacKay, and Phil Manzanera’s collective magic.