Kenny Passarelli

His ascending fretless motif enabled Joe Wash to live a “Life of Illusion” - which he co-wrote.

His vibrant lower register groove ensured that “she burn like fire” on Elton and Bernie’s “Island Girl.” 

A composer, producer, and recording artist - bassist Kenny Passarelli served as the harmonic and rhythmic anchor for several seminal ensembles including Joe Walsh’s Barnstorm (co-writer of “Rocky Mountain Way”); Reg Dwight’s band as heard on Rock of the Westies (1975), Blue Moves (1976), and the archival Captain Fantastic Live at Wembley (2005); and the Hall & Oates band for Livetime and Along the Red Ledge (1978).

 Kenny also shined on notable slabs by Stephen Stills (Stills and Stephen Stills Live -1975), Rick Derringer (All American Boy / 1973), Otis Taylor, Daryl Hall (Sacred Songs / 1980), and Dan Fogelberg (Souvenirs / 1974), among others.

Along with Rick Danko and Boz Burrell, Kenny was an early proponent of the fretless bass in a rock context which he played with a decidedly soulful approach. His impressive solo canon, which also features Kenny’s talents as a pianist, includes three releases which are a meld of classical, new age, and Spanish heritage.    

Coda: In November 2016, I cited Kenny Passarelli among "Eleven More Bass Players Who Belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" for Huffington Post