Spike Heatley

Spike 2.jpg

An acclaimed British upright jazz cat, session player, bandleader, and member of Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated among other noted ensembles; we rockers of a certain age revere Spike Heatley’s brilliant artistry in the service of Rod Stewart in the early 1970s.

Spike added harmonic depth and swinging grooves to Rod The Mod’s readings of Bob Dylan (“Mama You’ve Been On My Mind”), Sam Cooke (“Twistin’ the Night Away” “Bring It On Home/You Send Me”), Chuck Berry (“Sweet Little Rock ‘n’ Roller”), and the rooster haired rocker’s choice album cuts composed with Martin Quittenton (“Farewell”) and Ron “I’ve Got My Own Album to Do” Wood (“Dixie Toot”), among others.    

Among Spike's session credits include doubling the electric bass of John Paul Jones for Donovan's iconic "Sunshine Superman."