Billy Sheehan

Billy Sheehan.jpg

The noble undertaking of every bass player is to make those around him or her sound better -which brings us to virtuoso William “Billy” Sheehan, who has been plying his craft before millions on record and on stage for over 40 years.  Billy’s all-embracing playing technique, which incorporates tapping, picking, and the use of extensive chord voicings, is nothing short of astounding. Yet to my ears, it is Sheehan’s expressive use of progressive, funk, jazz, pop, classical, soul, and blues motifs and rhythms which are most impressive. Billy’s improvisations are legendary – as is his ensemble playing. His note choices whilst toiling in-the-pocket always bring out the colors of a chord. As such Mr. Sheehan enhances the work of any artist he collaborates with as evidenced by his chart topping metal-pop work with David Lee Roth and Mr. Big; his forays into fusion with Niacin and Richie Kotzen; his gritty post-grunge blues venture The Winery Dogs; and his exemplary, far-reaching canon as a solo artist and in tandem with Steve Vai, Talas, and Terry Bozzio, among scores of others.  An acclaimed clinician,  educator, songwriter, winner of several notable instrumentalist polls and awards, and bass designer (Yamaha Signature Altitude) – when you see Billy Sheehan’s name in the credits – buy the record! Coda: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame desperately needs to recognize the genre’s iconic hard-rock instrumentalists including the above mentioned artists and their peers!