Brit Pop Bassists: Martin Blunt, Matt Osman, Simon Jones

True, the Brit-Pop movement of the 1990s was unabashedly derivative, and devoid of the deeper influences which affected their respective rock gods Bowie, Bolan, and Ferry – however there was great music to be heard – and these lads are still working. Among my favorites from the era were (London) Suede, The Verve, and Charlatans (UK), the last of whom was more associated with the Madchester scene. Though these ensembles are essentially one trick ponies – they continue to deliver the goods year after year with blazing guitars, attitude, and anthems aplenty. The Charlatans’ Martin Blunt exudes a reverence for dub and rhythm and blues – as best evidenced on what I consider to be the band’s finest collection Up To Our Hips (1994). Suede’s Matt Osman evokes comparison to T. Rex’s Steve Currie with his penchant for in-the-pocket grooves decorated with an occasional upper-register counter melody. Simon Jones of The Verve is, to my ears, a combination of bassists Blunt and Osman – which serves his band’s fondness for bombast quite brilliantly. If you own one album of Suede, The Verve and Charlatans respectively – you own them all, but don’t let that stop you!