Conrad Lozano

Raise your glass to the hard working bass player who selflessly tends to the singer, the soloist, the song, and above all, the groove! Since their formation in East Los Angeles in 1973, Conrad Lozano has anchored the incomparable rock ‘n’ roll, Chicano, Tex-Mex, blues, and Latin American traditional musical powerhouse Los Lobos. Akin to Conrad’s acknowledged heroes, namely Sir Paul, Brian Wilson, and Carol Kaye – Lozano functions superbly in-the-pocket with little fanfare. Conrad’s preferred tools on Los Lobos’ rock oriented albums are the Fender Precision and Lakeland, from which he exuded a time-tested warm tone, which was further pronounced when Lozano and his fellow wolves waxed experimental – as evidenced on such riveting collections as Kiko (1992) and The Town and the City (2006). A skilled backing vocalist and Guitarron player, Conrad Lozano and Los Lobos, long overdue for Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame honors, have been imitated by many yet surpassed by none.