David Brown

Millions, if not a billion people on our fragile planet Earth have grooved to the magnificent, everlasting Latin jazz fueled bass lines rendered by the late David Brown, founding member of Santana (1966-71, 1973-1976).

BROWN 1_opt.png

As Carlos was a disciple of the multi-layered rhythmic modus operandi of electric Miles – which utilized the art of repetition to the max, Brown intensely followed suite, digging deep in-the-pocket with hypnotic lines that grew more intense upon their reiteration with gradual embellishments.

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David’s earthy tone was pure Fender Precision – which he brilliantly articulated by anchoring his thumb on the pick-up plate and either finger-picking by the bridge, or at the base of the neck– thereby eliciting a striking “growl” when he plied one of his rare and riveting fills. 


All of David’s work with Santana is essential listening; however I highly recommend the re-mastered collections of Santana (1969) and Abraxas (1970) which features several live bonus tracks, along with the Santana III Legacy Edition which includes the band’s historic July 4, 1971 set which closed the Fillmore West. 

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