Donnie Nossov

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You can’t tune in to classic rock radio for very long without hearing a track featuring this Queens County New York bassist. .

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Studio ace / sideman Donnie Nossov enhanced seminal sides and singles aplenty, including Pat Benatar (“We Belong,” “Sex as a Weapon,” “La Bel Age”), Lita Ford (“Close My Eyes Forever” “Kiss Me Deadly”), John Waite (“Missing You”), Tom Verlaine, and Genya Ravan, among many others.

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And you can “thank” Mr. Nossov for convincing Lou Reed to duet with Genya Ravan on the track “Aye Co’lorado” from Urban Desire (1978).

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Dig my interview with Donnie in No Depression upon the release of The End’s Imaginary Life in 2018.

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Donnie Nossov_opt.jpg
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