Jerry Scheff

If it weren’t for the bass artistry of Jerry Scheff, I doubt Mojo would have raised much on his final sessions! Behold Jerry’s killer bass part on the Doors’ penultimate hit “Love Her Madly” - on every section of that amazing composition, Jerry seamlessly slips into a singular groove thereby enabling Messrs. Manzarek, Densmore, and Krieger to realize their jazz yearnings on that seminal date.

That particular cut – and album – represent Mr. Scheff in all his bass glory: a perfectly warm tone complemented with riveting, resonant “growls” on his select and meaningful fills; instantly recognizable melodic lines built upon simple triads; and endless rhythmic variations in his passages which make everyone in the room sound better – including the producer.

From his historic tenure in Elvis Presley’s TCB (Taking Care of Business) Band to Elvis Costello (King of America, Spike), Doors (LA Woman, Other Voices), Richard Thompson (Rumor and Sigh, Daring Adventures, Amnesia, Mirror Blue), The Association (“Along Comes Mary”) The Monkees (Head) , Sammy Davis Jr., Bob Dylan (Street Legal), Buckingham Nicks, Johnny Mathis, Willy DeVille, John Denver, Roy Orbison, Johnny Rivers, the Everly Brothers, Todd Rundgren (Ballad Of), among scores of others – if you cut records in the City of Angels, you wanted Jerry Scheff on the gig!