Joe Strummer's Bassists: Lonnie Marshall, Scott Shields


 A few years after John Graham Mellor "retired" The Clash, he waxed Earthquake Weather (1989) which featured bassist Lonnie Marshall. Cited as one of the top five funk bassists by Bass Player Magazine, Lonnie applied his slap approach to fortify Strummer’s stinging socio-political libretto.

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When Joe assembled his agile backing band The Mescaleros circa 1999, multi-instrumentalist Scott Shields grabbed the bass chair, utilizing a Fender P occasionally abetted with overdrive. The Mescaleros took the rhythmic cues forged by Joe’s former band as heard on Sandinista (1980) and Combat Rock (1982), melding reggae, dub, folk, and rockabilly. Shields also played a major role in the posthumous production of Joe's final work Streetcore (2003).

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Lonnie Marshall currently leads his own ensemble Weapon of Choice, and Scott Shields remains active as a producer, film score composer, and performing artist.

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