John Dalton

Behold the missing Kink!

Of the three bassists who served Muswell Hill’s favorite musical sons, John Dalton is likely the one player whom American rock fans heard the most on FM radio by way of his commendable work on such hits and album tracks including “Lola,” “Victoria,” “20th Century Man,” “Celluloid Heroes,” and “Jukebox Music,” among many others from 1969 to 1976.

John, who substituted for founding bassist Peter Quaife as early as 1966, was given to more harmonic extensions and upper register passages than his predecessor due to the fact that the Davies brothers augmented their collective with keyboard player John Goslin around the time Dalton became a permanent member, thereby affording the bassist more freedom to explore his instrument. Years after Mr. Dalton resigned, he cobbled together the Kast Off Kinks – a fine pub rock ensemble comprised of ex-band members including founding drummer Mick Avory.

Ironically, when Dalton retired from the K.O.K. – he was replaced by bassist Jim Rodford, who took over for John after he departed the Kinks in the 1970s. As with Jim Rodford, who anchored the group for 18 years, John Dalton deserved to be enshrined in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame along with the Davies lads, Avory and Quaife. Ditto Kinks’ plinkers Goslin and Ian Gibbons, who coincidentally replaced each other in the identical chronological order as Rodford and Dalton in both the Kinks and the aforementioned Kinks tribute band.