Martin Turner

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With a ravaged Gibson Thunderbird he purchased from Mott the Hoople’s Peter Overend Watts in the early 1970s which he still uses, Martin Robert Turner and Wishbone Ash were among the most pioneering ensembles of the classic rock era, employing the remarkable double guitar artistry of Ted Turner (no relation) and Andy Powell. Martin Turner and Wishbone Ash’s crowning achievement was unquestionably the album Argus (1972), a classic collection wherein Ash’s progressive yearnings fully blossomed.  Simultaneously utilizing his instrument as an anchor and a counter-melodic vehicle, Turner, who was also the band’s vocalist, was far more organic than his progressive rock counterparts with bass lines that quoted jazz, blues, and boogie.  Turner split from Ash in 1979 when it was decided that the band’s fortunes would be better served with a more traditional lead singer. Consequent reunions failed to rekindle the old Ash flame, hence Tuner works under the banner of “Martin Turner Plays The Music of Wishbone Ash.”

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