Paul Gray

Known for their high energy meld of rhythm and blues, power pop, and punk; no history of UK pub rock is complete sans homage to the those vigorous Southend-on- Sea lads known as Eddie & The Hot Rods [Note: “Eddie” was actually mannequin who shared the stage with the original quartet.]

Their bassist during the Rods’ most productive era was Paul Gray -who later went on to serve in one of the many revamped line-ups of The Damned. Gray plied his craft with a Rickenbacker 4001, often strumming his instrument in the manner of a rhythm guitarist as he pumped out simple bass lines that served the band’s unadorned yet infectious canon.

Akin to their Canvey Island neighbors and early collaborators Dr. Feelgood – Eddie & The Hot Rods are among the primary missing links between pub and punk. Regardless of which genre you prefer, the first two albums which featured Gray – Teenage Depression (1976), Life on the Line (1977) are bona fide classics. Eddie & The Hot Rods are still on the bandstand somewhere in Old Blighty.

Thomas SemioliComment