Ron McClure

Someone needs to write a book on the extraordinary musical journey of bassist Ron McClure – which continues to this day. I first met Ron in the summer of 1979 in New York City to take a few lessons before I commenced enrollment at the University of Miami’s notorious School of Music.

The three months I spent learning from Ron afforded me the tools to study and work in a tough jazz program that left many, many casualties – a remarkable feat given the fact that I am not, nor have I ever been remotely close to assuming the role of jazz bassist!

After I graduated into the real world, Ron’s imparted wisdom kept me on the bandstand and in the studio a lot longer than many of my peers.

Aside from his brilliance as a teacher and mentor, Ron McClure’s amazing canon as a bandleader, composer, and sideman speaks for itself. Rather than ramble on (Ron warned me about playing too many notes!), let me cite a few of my choice Ron McClure recordings: Charles Lloyd’s The Journey Within (1968); Joe Henderson’s At the Lighthouse (1970); Blood Sweat & Tears – Mirror Image (1974), New City (1975), In Concert (1976); Dave Liebman’s Doin’ It Again (1979), The Opel Heart (1982); Bob Mover (1979); Quest – II (1986), Natural Selection (1988); along with every release under his own name.

Thomas SemioliComment