Tetsu Yamauchi

Photo courtesy of Allan Merrill . Com - Tetsu and Allan!

Photo courtesy of Allan Merrill . Com - Tetsu and Allan!

He commenced his career with Samurai featuring Mickey Curtis, and followed not one but two bass legends in two seminal bands at the height of their popularity: Andy Fraser in Free, and later, Ronnie Lane in the Faces - all within the span of a year! In Free, Fukuoka, Japan native Tetsu Yamauchi retained the template set by Fraser, distorting the sound of his Fender Telecaster / Precision basses while leaving space aplenty for Paul Rogers, Simon Kirke, Rabbit Bundrick, and an ailing Paul Kossoff to do their thing as they rendered their final masterpiece – Heartbreaker (1973), a stunning slab that slipped under the radar at the time of its release.

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In the Faces, Tetsu ‘s recorded output was brief: a few singles and the lackluster Coast to Coast: Overture and Beginners (1974) live platter wherein Tetsu, Kenny Jones, Ian MacLagen, and Ron “I’ve Got My Own Album to Do” Wood were relegated to second billing to Sir Rod – a decision made in the boardroom, not in the pub I assure you.

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In addition to his aforementioned high-profile gigs, Tetsu was a top UK session player and sideman (Alan Merrill), waxed a fine solo collection, and anchored the one-off album gem Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu & Rabbit (1972).  

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