Tiran Porter

To my ears, they were a quintessential American band whose excellence as songwriters, instrumentalists, and recording artists was so profound that their generation took the Doobie Brothers for granted!

From the time he hooked up with the San Jose collective in 1972 until he departed the band shortly before they split in 1980, Tiran Porter’s bass artistry was a staple on FM and AM radio. An accomplished backing vocalist greatly inspired by Sir Paul, Tiran rendered a unique, funky plectrum plied attack coupled with a penchant for purveying melodic motifs which defined several rock standards including “China Grove,” “Listen to the Music,” “Long Train Runnin,” “Minute By Minute,” and “Takin’ It to the Streets” among others. Tiran, who waxed a solo album in 1995 entitled Playing to an Empty House, is still on the bandstand in the Bay Area.

My guess is that most folks assume that the Doobie Brothers are already in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame.