Wilbur Bascomb

Among the essential albums in the classic rock era was Jeff Beck’s Wired (1976). Guitarists and bassists of my generation wore this vinyl out once, twice, three times – and with good reason. Beck and his bassist Wilbur “Bad” Bascomb were on fire! As were drummer Narada Michael Walden, who composed most of the tracks, along with keyboard virtuosos Max Middleton and Jan Hammer.

Wilbur’s bass solo on his co-composition “Head for Backstage Pass,” his fills on “Sophie,” and his groove motif on “Come Dancing” are legend. Wibur’s gritty, thick tone on that record had bite, and the resonance of his fingers plucking metal strings sounded as if he were in the room with you!

Though Wired was Mr. Bascomb’s most commercially visible recording, Wilbur waxed several sides and performed with a wide array of distinguished artists including Alphonse Mouzon, Idris Muhammad, Andy Bey, Grace Jones, Roy Ayers, Bobbi Humphrey, Galt MacDermot’s New Pulse Band with Bernard Purdie, BB King, and James Brown, among others. Bass loving record collectors should scour the bins for Wilbur Bascomb’s And Future Dreams solo album from 1977.