James Dewar

You will not find a more underrated singer/bassist from the classic rock era than the late, great Scotsman James Dewar, who was thrust upon the world stage when Robin Trower's Bridge of Sighs (1974) album stopped everyone in their tracks.

With a battered Fender Precision, Dewar and the ex-Procol Harum guitarist soared in tandem - melding blues, progressive, and hard rock for a series of seminal sides that continue to influence dedicated rockers.  Dewar worked the pocket as Trower and drummers Reg Isidore and later, Bill Lordan, purveyed poly-rhythmic magic. For a time, he surrendered the chair to former latter-day Sly & the Family Stone bassist Rustee Allen, however it is James Dewar's tenure as a vocalist/bassist which spurred Robin Trower to his most enduring recorded works.