Gerry McAvoy

Though he never achieved the commercial success of his contemporaries Hendrix, Allman, Clapton, and Page - the late Irish blues master Rory Gallagher was among the most lyrical guitarists of his era.

The bassist for Rory's entire recorded solo canon was John Gerrard "Gerry" McAvoy. Unlike traditional blues rock players, McAvoy rendered contrapuntal melodies, chords, and counter rhythms which afforded Gallagher an expansive platform for his improvisational forays on stage and in the studio.

McAvoy continues on the bandstand with Band of Friends which celebrates the artistry of the legendary Rory Gallagher.  All of McAvoy's work with Gallagher is worthy of exploration, however I'll cite Irish Tour '74 (1974); Calling Card (1976) produced by Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover; and Photo-Finish (1978) among my select Rory sides.