Sara Lee

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Oh ye of little five-string faith, I summon you to the artistry of UK born session ace, singer, songwriter, recording artist Sara Lee: renowned for her tenure with Gang of Four, Indigo Girls, Robert Fripp's League of Gentlemen, B- 52s, and The Thompson Twins among many others. 

Along with her peer bassist and musical colleague Gail Ann Dorsey, Ms. Lee's mastery of the low-B is, to my ears, transcendent with regard to rhythm, harmony, phrasing, and melody in a pop context. Her brilliant solo release Make It Beautiful (2000), along with her work on John Ashton's Satellite Paradiso (2014) and Robert Capowski's Wild Animals (2015) is testimony to the power of the instrument - which, in the right hands, simultaneously supports and enhances the singer, the song, and the soloist.    

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