Jeff Ament

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During the “alternative” rock / “grunge” era, proficiency of the electric bass plummeted as a combination of Pro Tools recording technology (which allowed infinite takes) and unskilled / unschooled players proliferated to the extent that the instrument devolved into a subservient adjunct to the guitar, devoid of harmonic movement and in most cases, completely oblivious of drum patterns. Such glorified ignorance, to some degree, persists today in the indie rock world.     

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Except for cats such as Jeffrey Allen Ament: who was among the most accomplished players of the 90s era, anchoring four pivotal ensembles: Green River, Mother Love Bone, Temple of the Dog, and Pearl Jam.

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Ament dabbles on upright, as his work on fretted and fretless is laudable – embracing a punk ethos with the core elements of swing, rhythm and blues, and classic hard rock.   

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