Eric Stacy

“She grinds her leather like Liberace rhines a stone…” Though their appearance and song subject matter was steeped in juvenilia, several of the top 1980s Sunset Strip bands boasted accomplished players – many of whom possessed a classical pedigree.  To my ears, among the finer ensembles of the genre included Faster Pussycat - helmed by crooner whose name Mel Brooks would have appreciated: Taime Downe. Bassist Eric Stacy afforded cool syncopated lines and mighty riffage to such sleazy staples as “Nonstop to Nowhere,” and “Where There’s a Whip There’s a Way” in an era wherein rock ‘n’ roll and big hair distracted American youth from Reaganomics, union busting, and other proverbial chickens which have come home to roost!           

Thomas SemioliComment