Ian Hunter / All American Alien Boy

We revere the late musical genius Jaco Pastorius as one of the most influential, inventive electric bass players and jazz artists in recorded history by way of his solo releases, Weather Report, and Joni Mitchell’s commercially successful jazz explorations – among other works. However the album which introduced Jaco to the rock audience in 1976 was an overlooked masterpiece by Ian Hunter – All American Alien Boy. Jaco’s bold motifs beautified Hunter’s intense introspective, observational verses and melodies akin to a master painter. His solo break on the title track baffled bassists then and now.

Unlike his time with Joni, Jaco didn’t dare outmaneuver Hunter, who was plucky enough to invite the unpredictable Pastorius to record with him in the first place! An undeniably captivating marriage of jazz, rock, and poetry – no album sounded like this before, and no album has sounded like it since.

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