Ellard James Boles


Of all Lou Reed’s remarkable ensembles, the one group that garners the least attention yet deserves accolades aplenty was anchored by bassist, vocalist, producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist Ellard James Boles. Commencing with Take No Prisoners in 1978, a swinging live set wherein Lou’s stream of conscious jocularity replaces his habitual street hassled libretto, Boles grooves heartily akin to a big band bassist.



Lou also benefits from the mighty Moose’s soulful disposition on The Bells (1979) and Growing Up in Public (1980).     

Photo by Mick Rock

Photo by Mick Rock

As I was witness on numerous occasions, this band delivered on record and on stage despite the fact that Lou was at a commercial ebb - which eventually righted itself when artists of Reed’s stature were afforded legacy status in the mid-1980s as CD reissues came into vogue. If you missed it the first time around, discover Lou’s slabs with Moose Boles.

Photo by Mick Rock