The blokes who’ve backed solo Moz mostly adhere to the traditional in-the-pocket Fender bass resonance which, to my ears, best underpins the tuxedo croon of Britain’s pop-poet laureate. However, throughout Morrissey’s massive canon there are several instances wherein the instrument emerges as the primary catalyst by way of sharp countermelodies coupled with tense tonal effects!

For the record, the lads in the service of Steven Patrick Morrissey are: 

Producer / collaborator Stephen Street (Viva Hate, 1988)


Ex-Smiths mate Andy Rourke (Bona Drag / 1990)


Madness’ Mark Bedford and Queen’s John Deacon (Kill Uncle / 1991)


Gary Day (Your Arsenal / 1992, Beethoven was Deaf / 1993,You Are the Quarry / 2004), Live at Earl's Court / 2005, Ringleader of the Tormentors /2006)


Johnny Bridgwood (Vauxhall and I / 1994, Southpaw Grammar /1995)


Solomon Walker (Years of Refusal /2009, World Peace of None of Your Business / 2014)