Julia Brown / Jubilant Newborn Alien Haze

Bey who? To my ears, this indie slab suitably titled Jubilant Newborn Alien Haze (2001) should have made Julia Brown a household name - and it still sounds fresh fifteen or so years after the fact. Multi-instrumentalist producer Christian Cassan helms the bass chair -save for "Eternity" by Alfredo Buonanno on fretless. Cassan grooves mightily in the pocket while rendering motifs that also function as countermelodies for Ms. Brown's riveting (and timeless) pop-folk-soul song-cycle as evidenced in choice tracks "Just Like That," "Victims and Villains," "Afterglow," and "Miles from Home." Listen to this album, listen to this singer /songwriter, listen to this producer!      

Thomas SemioliComment