Three Dog Night / Suitable for Framing

“Slippin' away, sittin' on a pillow, waitin' for night to fall, a girl and a dream, sittin' on a pillow, this is the night to go to the celebrity ball…” From the summer of ’69, Three Dog Night’s sophomore slab introduced us to Bernie and Elton (“Lady Samantha”) and included the smash hits “Celebrate,” “Easy to be Hard,” and “Eli’s Coming.” Bassist Joe Schermie (nee Schermetzler) grooves in-the-pocket with buoyant rhythms and harmonic movement that helped define what was, to my ears, the greatest era (late ‘60s – 1970s) of rock bass artistry in a pop context which seamlessly fused jazz, rhythm and blues, gospel, big band, Broadway, country, and soul.