Tony Senatore

He has been referred to as “The Glue,” praised by Mars Cowling and his former legendary bandleader Genya Ravan, and garnered accolades aplenty from producers, engineers, journalists, and peers, among many others far too numerous to cite. 

In a contemporary bass culture, which in my opinion, no longer seeks to explore the possibilities -and adventures - of the extended range and other “non-traditional” paths with the fervor of our rock and fusion forefathers– Tony Senatore exudes the attitude, spirit, and disposition of the greats from all genres and generations past who took the instrument to places others never imagined.

An educator, journalist, composer, collaborator, sideman, recording artist, and permutations thereof, Tony expounds his outlook that bassists should be free to express themselves by any means necessary -from one to multiple strings, effects, and technology - but to always understand and practice the fundamentals, respect tradition while moving forward, and pursue education with a balance of street smarts and academia – and enthusiasm. Amen!