Mott The Hoople / Live

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“I’d like to introduce you to Ariel Bendaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!”

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As I have testified to Morgan Fisher, Ian Hunter, the late Pete Watts, and Luther Grosvenor: with all due reverence to Verden 'n' Ralpher, to my ears and to many of my generation who started bands (and pilfered mom's accessories) upon hearing this slab in its original format: the Ariel Bender - Morgan Fisher incarnation of Mott the Hoople ranks equal to the iconic original lineup – and the Legacy Edition proves it even further says I.


Morgan’s jazz/classical harmonic and melodic expertise combined with Luther’s sonic reinvention of the Hoople canon was matchless.  

The author with Morgan Fisher!!!

The author with Morgan Fisher!!!

Peter Overend "just a rock and roll star" Watts was magnificent throughout, plying his patented pocket grooves and lumbering countermelodies. The energy and dynamism on these recordings are boundless.

The author with Pete Watts, Ian Hunter.

The author with Pete Watts, Ian Hunter.

Alas, Luther and Morgan were kept off the '09-'13 bandstand, so when folks inquire if I witnessed a Mott the Hoople reunion I respond "not exactly…."  

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