Bryan Ferry / In Your Mind

FERRY 0_opt.jpg

My girl Friday, she no square... she like lotus blossom in her hair... be-bop records and something new...sometimes borrowed but she's never blue...


With bassists John Wetton and John Porter in song-player mode, along with guitarist Phil Manzanera and drummer Paul Thompson, In Your Mind (1977) is about as close to Roxy as you can get without being…Roxy!

This slab is a commendable kissin’ cousin to Siren (1975) as Bryan on a busman’s holiday moves towards the mainstream whilst retaining some of Roxy’s signature art rock repartee.


My guess is that Wetton waxes most of the tracks with most of the treble rolled off his Fender P – toiling sparingly in the pocket with an occasional gritty fill. 

Thomas SemioliComment