Love / Coming Through to You

Live Love_opt.jpg

To my ears, no Love line-up surpasses the original/classic roster with Johnny Echols, Bryan MacLean, bassist Ken Forssi, and Snoopy Pfisterer / Michael Stuart. Yet, Lee’s numerous post-Changes ensembles merit exploration as there are quite a few flashes of genius to be found if you have the patience. In addition to the studio slabs, the massive live archival Coming Through to You 1970 -2004 captures Arthur and his various backing ensembles in all their soulful, psychedelic glory on various concert stages over three decades. Bassists Frank Fayed, Sherwood Akuna, Robert Rozelle, Prescot Niles (from The Knack), Kim Kesterson, David Chapple, and Mike Curtis, among others, primarily play the pocket in the service of the composition. Akin to the latter-day Love studio offerings, the jams tended to be ponderous, however Lee’s songs shine eternal.     

Thomas SemioliComment