Elvis Costello / Punch the Clock

WAL 1_opt.jpg

Bruce Thomas’ credit reads “Electric Wal bass guitar.”

Times, trends, and tones were changing, and Fender’s trad low-end resonance could not compete with the barrage of keyboard synthesizers that dominated the pop music landscape.

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Hence many a bassist opted for more treble trolling instruments. Dig Bruce on Declan’s superb 1983 platter. Featuring Chet Baker and TKO sax colossus / clarinetist Geoff Blythe (listed as “Jeff”), Bruce's signature countermelodic harmonic forays come to the forefront with a decidedly sharp twang.

To my ears, Thomas’ tempered timbre manages McManus’ melancholy melodies and sugary stanzas quite magnificently, and hasn’t dated a bit.  And what's in the cuppa Geoff?      


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