Tim Curry / Fearless

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Aside from his iconic role as Dr. Frank-N-Furter along with his highly successful career as a film, television, and voice actor – Tim Curry was quite the rocker.

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On his sophomore slab, Motown Funk Brother / bass legend Bob Babbitt works the pocket with a traditional Fender P tone abetted by his gritty, groovin' approach to the instrument. 

Curry’s cohorts - namely guitarist Dick Wagner (who co-wrote most of the tracks along with Curry and Michael Kamen) and alto sax colossus David Sanborn absolutely rip the joint. Spanning torch songs to the campy hit “I Do the Rock” (note the clip featuring core band members whooping it up http://bit.ly/2vUiAhN  as big Bob busts out those dirty disco octaves) this is how my generation rocked before MTV videos killed the radio stars!

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