Elton John / Just Like Belgium

Belgium 1.jpg

Waxed at a low point in his storied career, Sir Elton was wise to re-enlist Bernie Taupin, Dee Murray, and Nigel Olsson for five tracks on The Fox (1981). The gem herein is the European single “Just Like Belgium,” wherein Dee makes the rote root / fifth routine sound fresh with a few choice grace notes to compliment Nigel’s (unusual for him) simple backbeat. Dig the (anatomically) cheeky video http://bit.ly/2ktLvEN - Jim Horn’s sax solo and Colette Bertrand’s spoken word vignette sweeten the proceedings.  Despite studio ace bassist Reggie McBride’s soulful disposition, nothing can save the b-side “Can’t Get Over Losing You” -cowritten with lyricist Gary Osborne -as one of the more forgettable tracks in John’s iconic canon.    

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