The Kinks / UK Jive - Phobia

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Though the last two Kinks studio releases suffered in the marketplace, to my ears they were artistic triumphs. UK Jive (1989) got buried amid the final fury of '80s hair and excess (see Joe Strummer's equally neglected Earthquake Weather that year). And methinks the CD format marred Phobia as albums were running longer, hence too much information and the need for filler.

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Trim the latter and you’ve purchased two more Kinks classics.  Jim Rodford revealed to this writer that his bass coda on “Still Searching” was inspired by Stanley Clarke’s “School Days!”

Jim’s staccato phrasing, and purposeful note choices serve the Davies brothers with expertise and economy. If you slagged these slabs the first time around, go back and listen!

Re: Jim’s role in The Kinks legacy: Huff Post: Eleven Bass Players Who Belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2015)

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