David Bowie / Low

LOW 1.jpg

This album blew minds aplenty upon its January ’77 release as I vividly recall. The triumvirate of the former David Jones, Tony Visconti, and Brian Eno drove electronica and avant-garde into the mainstream with a decidedly rock / rhythm and blues foundation that still sounds futuristic. My all-time favorite bassist (and influence) George Murray is masterful in the pocket with his big fat Fender P up in the mix, utilizing more space than notes - which makes it all the funkier. Retaining the Station to Station (1976) core ensemble of Murray, drummer Dennis Davis, and guitarist Carlos Alomar, every rhythm track is outstanding.  These cats rewrote the book on what a rock band could do rhythmically, harmonically, texturally, sonically, and artistically. Every slab Bowie / Visconti waxed was a turning point – which, for them, was business as usual. For those of you keeping score at home, their next album, which appeared a mere eight months later, was Heroes.