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You could refer to Anthony Coleman’s “Groove-A-Thon” SoFlo Radio show as the “Electric Bass-A-Thon” and you’d be spot on. Aside from his astute (and wry) commentary on the American body politic, among other topical issues of the human condition with his co-host/producer Jorge Rodriquez, Mr. Coleman – a transplanted New Yorker residing in South Florida (are there any other kind?) - spins sides that are rooted in rhythm by way of Leo Fender’s finest creation and its permutations thereof.

Anthon Coleman and Jorge Rodriguez

Anthon Coleman and Jorge Rodriguez

I’ve been threatening to publish an interview with AC and I swear I will do so in 2018 – go figure how I could condense this cat in 850 words! Groove-A-Thon is an indispensable education on groove music and the art of the electric bass. Hear him live or via his archives on

To my ears, it’s the best radio from the bottom up. Listen up!      

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