Eric Clapton / Live in San Diego

Weeks Clapton 1.jpg

Many a live Slowhand slabs are yawn-fests however this 2007 set smokes despite its dodgy din! Dig the incomparable Willie Weeks on “Got to Get Better in a Little While” wherein the maestro stretches out with a groove solo that quotes his iconic Donny Hathaway “Voices Inside - Everything is Everything.”  

Cited by this journo in A Bass Player’s Rant: 33 Who Belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Huff Post 2017 ) Willie works wonders on his Fender P with motifs and soulful rhythms that lay in the pocket and then some. As I’ve oft blustered - if you were to carve a Mt. Rushmore of bass players, get to work on Willie Weeks’ profile!

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