Wings / Back to the Egg

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What would have been a career album for most pop artists was lambasted by wanking herd mentality rock journos during the punk / new wave zeitgeist. (Little did these scribblers realize that many of their spotty heroes’ tracks were cut by accomplished studio cats.)

Regardless, Macca’s final Wings slab in ’79 is, to my ears, among his finest. Shelving his 4001 Rickenbacker for a brittle Yamaha BB – Sir Paul’s compositions and melodies are magnificent, embracing fun fare to superb craftsmanship: “Arrow Through Me,” “Baby’s Request,” “Old Siam Sir,” “Getting Closer,” the bombastic “Rockestra Theme” with bassists Bruce Thomas, Ronnie Lane, and John Paul Jones; “The Broadcast,” “To You,” “Winter Rose Love Awake” and a classic b-side “Daytime Nighttime Suffering.”

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Outstanding production (Chris Thomas) and musicianship from Steve Holley, Lawrence Juber, Denny Laine, and James Paul McCartney. 

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