Rickie Lee Jones

You know the juke box at "Danny’s All- Star Joint" that goes doyt -doyt? That’s Willie Weeks slappin' 1-3-5-6. 

Heard about Joe leanin’ on the back door with a couple o’ Jills with their eyes on a couple o’ Bills ?

That’s Red Callender workin’ the doghouse for "Easy Money." Among the slabs that defined a golden era, Rickie Lee Jones’ bow bestowed upon our ears the crème de la crème of the 70's LA music scene (Russ Titelman, Ernie Watts, Lenny Waronker, Steve Gadd, Buzz Feiten, Tom Scott, Chuck Findley, Jeff Porcaro, Randy Newman, and Neil Larson, to cite a select few), with Willie and Red so doggone deep in the pocket, well…that’s Coolsville to all you cats and kitties!