The Beach Boys In Concert

Despite artistic triumphs following the truncated Smiley Smile (1967), the Beach Boys were a million miles off the cool rock radar (in America anyway) during the platinum age of Bowie, Yes, Led Zep, and an emerging Jersey cat named Bruce, among others.

However, In Concert (1973) cast the band in a somewhat contemporary light, forsaking studio embellishments (which could not be replicated on stage in pre-digital days) for raucous renditions of choice album cuts and a smattering of hits.

Helming the bass chair were Blondie Chaplin and Ed Carter, playing precisely in-the-pocket with a beautifully fuzzy tone which was how the instrument resonated back when we plugged a Fender bass into an Ampeg SVT, Acoustic 360/361 etc., inhaled, and cranked the volume!!!!