Guided by Voices

“We are the lo-fi champs, or the lo-fi pioneers depending on which way you look at it!” Robert Pollard as told to this writer, in Amplifier magazine, 1999. 

To my ears, The Captain’s rotating collective are The Beatles of indie rock. With a low-end modus operandi of roots in tandem with the rhythm guitars....

...methinks all the GBV bass players were primarily guitarists who assumed the position out of necessity.

Rummaging through my extensive GBV collection, I hereby cite: Mitch Mitchell, Steve Wilbur, Tobin Sprout, Jim Pollard, Dan Toohey, Greg Demos, Tim Tobias, and Mark Shue - to name a few.


If you had to give rock and roll another name besides Chuck Berry…call it Guided by Voices!