Glenn McCready

"I bear witness to the back-bone of rock 'n' roll and his name is…Glenn McCready!"

Raise your glass to the hardworking bar band bassist who keeps the flame burning bright in the trenches at all costs. Anchoring the aptly named Hell or Highwater Band, McCready glides from upper to lower register akin to his beloved John Deacon, and pulsates in the pocket much like his mentor, Dee Murray.

As I observed at one of Glenn's Hell or Highwater shows in Manhattan: among the well-oiled yuppies, boisterous office workers, jubilant spouses, blotto bar-flies, and legless neighborhood vixens, McCready is a rock god as he belts out a raucous rendition of "Beast of Burden" at the East Village Tavern that would shame Jagger into retirement.... 

glenn butter_opt.jpg

In addition to his bass artistry which incorporates fretless, pocket playing and counter-melodic prowess, Glenn is an exemplary singer, songwriter, guitarist, and recording artist (Out of Town Butter - 2016).