Roger McGuinn / Cardiff Rose

Talk about the role of the bass in expanding the language of folk rock. To my ears, Cardiff Rose (1976) stands as the former Jim McGuinn’s finest post-Byrds effort.

With most of the Rolling Thunder Revue in view, plus Mick Ronson helming the producer/guitarist chair – this slab intensely mirrors Bob’s trailblazing recordings / performances with the above referenced collective.

As he did so brilliantly in anchoring the Noble Prize winning bard, Rob Stoner glides through the changes with walking lines and pocket grooves rendered on a gritty Fender P that afford this stellar song-cycle a definitive swing feel whilst voice leading akin to a jazz cat.

Yeah, you had Zimmerman, Roger, and the platinum Spider, however sans bassist Rob Stoner - along with drummer Howie Wyeth, there’s no rolling nor thunder in this revue!