Abandoned Desire / Bob Dylan

To my ears, Desire (1976) stands among Dylan’s magnum masterpieces. Heck, even an “average” Bob slab contains a bona fide gem or three.

This fascinating twofer boot aptly dubbed Abandoned Desire (coupled with a Quad Mix of Desire) captures the formation of the Rolling Thunder Revue ensemble which was brilliantly anchored by Rob Stoner – and is a “must hear” companion piece to the aforementioned final work.

A somewhat restrained Stoner, who had yet to the stretch the rhythmic and harmonic boundaries of the genre as he would do so on Desire and Hard Rain/ Live 1975 - helms most of the tracks. John Siegler (Todd Rundgren, Hall & Oates) works a session with Bob and Bette Midler -dig the banter between the bawdy bard and the Divine Miss M. Session ace bassists Gerald Johnson and Alan Spenner appear on two cuts.