Tom Clark / Cross Eyed & Bow Legged

Tom Clark's High Action Boys sound like the "action" (that is, the slang muso term for the distance between the fingerboard and the strings  -hence the closer they are the faster you play) on their guitars is rather low by way of Clark and company's rapid fire pickin', strummin' and twangin'. 

On this killer slab waxed circa 2002, Clark keeps pretty good company, namely producer Lenny Kaye and guest guitarist Robert Quine, among others. Great songs make for great basslines - as evidenced throughout this tuneful, heartfelt song-cycle.  

Messrs. Tony Shanahan, Graham Maby, and Phil Cohen helm the bass chair, working the pocket with a few melodic twists just because they can, and because they serve the songs! ! If "Small Town New Semester" doesn't bring a tear to your eye, check your pulse, you may be deceased…

Thomas SemioliComment