801 Live

The Fender Precision headstock album cover image says it all!

Captured at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall 3 September 1976, 801 Live is a veritable showcase for bassist Bill MacCormick, who makes his grand entrance on the first downbeat of “Tomorrow Never Knows,” Messrs. Phil Manzanera, Brian Eno, Simon Phillips, Francis Monkman, Lloyd Watson, and MacCormick forge a matchless mélange of art and prog rock on one of the greatest live slabs of any era in rock.

Mac is up in the mix, plying funky grooves, glittering grace notes, and cool countermelodies with an edgy tone that cuts through at every opportunity.

 Pity that 801 only waxed one live and one studio slab together, though you can hear this line-up in various configurations on select Eno and Mananzera sides.   

Thomas SemioliComment